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“Thanks again for making this very special gift to a long time friend happen. I will be giving it to him this afternoon to take on his Alaska Dall Sheep hunt ., the first stone is headed to Alaska for dall, the second will be a Colorado big horn, the thirds will be my desert to complete my slam in December. First two are gifts to hunting buddies, think they will drop a tear!” ………. Tom Tolkacz


“Angelo,   I have followed your work on facebook and watched all of the video segments you have online.   I think your concept of documentary films about what we do and why we do it are AWESOME and very powerful. Every time I watch a well done presentation in your style it really hits home for me.  I would love to see more of these type of presentations on the Outdoor networks……..AAron Bloomquist, Alaskan Guide” . 


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Kelli Thornton Mt Goat

Free range Texas Aoudad with LEGACY outfitter Wes Mundy of Double Diamond Outfitters.